We were delighted to learn of a Clyde Travel supplier who approached Advantage Travel Partnership, to highlight the fantastic work being carried out by our Supplier Relations Consultant Amie Louisa Donnelly.

As a result, Advantage decided to feature Amie Louisa within the Member Column of their Advantage Business Travel Insight magazine, highlighting the work carried out by Amie Louisa and Clyde Travel on behalf of suppliers.

One particular area highlighted was Amie Louisa’s work in developing our Clyde Focus Logo, used within our supplier newsletters to highlight when suppliers can aid commercial agreements we have in place via Advantage.

You can read the full interview below.


Amie Louisa Donnelly from Clyde Travel Management explains how she helps colleagues make the most of their relationships with suppliers, through incentives, promotions and keeping up to date.

  • Name: Amie Louisa Donnelly
  • Title: Supplier Relations Consultant,
  • Main Duties: Managing relations between Clyde and their suppliers (air, hotel, car hire etc)
  • Time in the role: 1 year and 5 months

Career history

Prior to my current role, I worked in air fares for another TMC, creating incentives, promoting airline deals via their internal social media site, loading and managing fares from the airlines. Moving to this role was something completely new, I have always been a people person and the opportunity to work with suppliers directly was something I was keen to jump into.

Please give a brief description of the Clyde ‘Focus’ icon

We have sourced a recognisable image that is incorporated into our weekly supplier newsletter, an internal media resource created to educate our agents on supplier updates sent to us by Advantage Focus and directly from suppliers.

How does this help your agents?

The use of the icon on our weekly newsletters allows the agents to easily recognise where we have a commercial agreement in place with a supplier, highlighting a particular update from that provider.

What are the key challenges in your role?

One of the biggest challenges is to ensure that Clyde Travel Management as a company remains transparent, by never restricting a supplier when offering quotes to customers. We achieve this by ensuring that all suppliers are pertinent to the business and our customers and are promoted throughout the year.

What is your favourite element of your role?

My favourite element of the role has to be the suppliers themselves. Getting to meet and work with suppliers across the travel industry is something I feel very lucky and proud to be doing.

They make my role exciting; I always look forward to seeing them, arranging training sessions for the staff and helping them get their updates out in a creative and fun way.

What would be your top tip for members to help share information and earning opportunities for their agents?

My top tip is to think like the agent you are communicating to, what do they need to know to allow them to work efficiently and with ease. I always try and come up with new, fun and interactive ways to get key messages across to the team.

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