myCLYDE is the result of many years’ experience, but it was also born out of the frustration caused by the duplication that can occur with any booking due to the number of departments that need to be kept in the loop.

Developed by our own in-house software team, it has grown over the years to reflect the fact that companies operate in a 360 degree fashion with no team working in isolation.

User friendly and intuitive to use, it allows staff to make their own travel bookings when necessary, check-in and view all their trips, and perhaps most importantly of all, it allows them to tell us their travel preferences, leaving us to get to know them better.

Designated bookers within your company can make booking requests handled by our consultants or even self-book when the situation requires, as well as updating any traveller’s details.

Purchasing can view invoices, statements and run reports, whilst HR can manage user rights and immediately be able to view where staff are at any given time from a security perspective.

And all the while management can have complete oversight, with the ability to approve travel and monitor Clyde service levels…all at the touch of a button.

Email for a presentation and a discussion on how this tool can serve your business.

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