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Clyde Travel Management provides end to end travel management services, handled by experts in business travel management for corporate companies and crew mobilisations for the marine, offshore and renewable sectors...we're more than just booking a flight ticket.

Why Choose Clyde Travel Over Other Travel Management Companies?

It can be a challenge to identify savings, best service and value in a new or even well-established travel programme. 

For over 30 years Clyde Travel Management have moved business travellers around the world safely, efficiently & sustainably, whilst always putting the customers' business travel needs at the heart of decision making. That’s our ‘why’ here at Clyde, as a trusted travel industry partner to our broad customer portfolio in the corporate, marine, offshore and renewable energy sectors.

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Nobody Moves You Like Clyde Travel

Clyde Travel Management have been trusted travel partners to our Marine, Energy and Corporate clients for over 30 years.

If you are looking for bespoke travel management programme for your business then you've come to the right place. Our services are designed around our customers' individual needs, whatever the sector.

Introducing CONSORT

Our new proprietary crew travel management tool for the Offshore & Marine sectors. Consort provides your business with a single source of truth.


Enhance Your Travel Experience with Clyde Travel

Our experienced team at Clyde act as a dedicated travel manager for your organisation, handling every aspect of travel management. This includes but is not limited to: booking business trips, data analysis, providing travel insights and handling travel policies. In addition, our proprietary software solutions provide our customers with full visibility and real-time access to information and customer service representatives. 


Here are just a few examples of the services provided by Clyde that can provide continuous improvement in your travel experience for your company:


Reviewing Your Travel Policy

Business Travel Policy Review

If your companies' travel policy pre-dates COVID, it’s out of date and requires a thorough review to ensure it meets your business travel requirements. Clyde can advise your organisation on improvements that will contribute to cost management and improved compliance. These can include but are not limited to; class of travel enabling budget holders to make savings where appropriate as well as improving productivity and wellbeing for travellers whilst they are away on business trips. Equally, if sustainability is high on your businesses agenda, this could be incorporated as a driver of policy.

Clyde will set out clear guidelines for what is expected and the process of booking travel, which helps to manage your programme efficiently and create greater compliance from your travellers. Approvals are a good travel management practice on not just cost, but also safety in the post COVID travel policy environment. Clyde will also assist you in gaining compliance to any policy and insight that was previously unavailable to you through behavioural data that will provide continuous improvement over the course of the partnership.

24/7 Support

24/7 Travel Management Company

Most of our customers operate globally 24/7 and so do we - our team of experienced travel consultants are on hand day and night when you make your booking. This means that Clyde have the resources required to support and manage your needs at any time of the day.

As a truly 24/7 travel management company, using Clyde Travel means that the service you receive is the same whatever time of day you call. Our fees and service are the same, with no surcharge if it happens to be ‘out of office hours’. 

Airfare Bookings Made Simple

Airfare Bookings

Often the most expensive part of a travel programme is choosing the correct airfare, which can be tricky when you consider the costs and rules on this mode of travel. As experts in the travel industry, Clyde Travel can work with you to produce a policy you need to have clear direction on trip duration and class of travel. This can have a positive influence on employee wellbeing & sustainability, as well as creating personal and company benefits that impact the traveller and your company.

Travel technology enables us to continuously shop for lower airfares, even after ticketing. Our system checks up to 24 hours prior to departure for lower fares on the same airline and flight. If one becomes available, the system alerts our consultant and they will reissue the ticket at the lower fare and our team pass the saving back to the customer.

There are now multiple distribution channels for airfares like the global distribution systems, meta searches, web fares and NDC (New Distribution Capability). NDC is a direct channel for travel management companies to access airfares direct from an airline. Clyde Travel are one of a handful of agents in the UK, that have invested in developing these API’s with airlines to offer our customers broader choice, at no extra cost.

Booking Technology with a Human Touch

Business Travel Booking Software

Booking technology can provide efficiencies and savings for your travel programme. A self-booking tool can attract lower fees for the transaction and can provide efficiencies for organisations that have simple point to point itineraries or have a need to book on the go.

There are also technologies that speed up the booking process for complex mobilisations associated with the Marine, Offshore and Renewable sectors amongst others.

Consort, Clyde’s proprietary technology provides exactly this, but with the comfort of an experienced consultant working on the request via the system. This means that you will receive a single source of truth for all employees involved in the booking process when you travel with Clyde, whether they are shore based, on a vessel or an in-house consultant.

Sustainable Choices

Sustainable Travel Management

If sustainability is a key driver in your company, then you need to start with your supply. Many TMCs have preferred supplier programmes that are purely driven by the commercial benefit to the TMC of the supply.

At Clyde we have developed our ‘Green List’ of suppliers. We have evaluated the certified credentials of each of our major suppliers, so that our customers can make informed choices based on their needs.

We won’t make you plant a tree, but our team can guide your travellers to better choices, give you data on your emissions and share with you what we are doing support the communities we operate in and offset our own business travel. We can also recommend offsetting projects, but be under no illusions sustainable choices require investment, albeit an investment worth making.

Don't take our word for it...

Customer Retention - In 2021 our customer retention rate was 98%, with 85% of our customers citing that their customer relations manager added value to the partnership.

Unused Tickets - In 2021 we refunded £221,000 to one global shipping company in unused tickets.

Airfare Savings - In 2021, despite travel being almost impossible for half of the year and capacity on aircraft at approximately 60%, we saved one global ship management customer £19,000.

Choose Clyde Travel for...

Marine Travel Services

Specialists in crew change logistics, making sure your onsigners and offsigners get from port to deck, on time and with the correct paperwork

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Offshore & Renewable Travel Services

Operating from energy hubs Aberdeen, Houston and Rotterdam, our consultants understand the travel DNA and needs of this diverse sector.

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Corporate Travel Services

We manage every aspect of travel – from booking through to full data analysis and insights – leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

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