Clyde Travel Management invests in intelligent emissions calculations with Thrust Carbon and Agentivity

Clyde Travel
18 Aug 2021
Corporate Travel

In our continuous commitment to provide efficient, compliant and sustainable ways for our clients to travel, Clyde Travel Management have expanded our partnership with Agentivity to integrate intelligent emissions calculations from Thrust Carbon in all their travel bookings.

"Collaboration and innovation are key drivers behind what we deliver for our customers, and this integration between us, Thrust Carbon and Agentivity is a fantastic example of just that.", says Cameron Bengert, Head of Operations at Clyde Travel Management. "We will provide clients with transparent and actionable carbon calculations for every booking, enabling our customers to drive sustainable choices within their travel policy."

Glenn Thorson, Head of Partnerships at Thrust Carbon, is equally delighted with the result. "Making it easy for a TMC to include an intelligent emissions calculation per booking has always been a goal of ours and I'm so pleased we can now deliver this for Clyde Travel Management through our integration with the Agentivity Data Platform."

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