How to Find the Best Airfares for Business Travel

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25 Sep 2023
Corporate Travel


In the dynamic world of business travel, securing the best airfares is paramount. Whether it's for corporate executives or crew members embarking on long-haul journeys, understanding the intricacies of airfare savings can significantly impact your travel spend.


At Clyde Travel Management, with decades of global expertise, we've mastered the art of optimising airfares for our clients, particularly in the crew travel sector. Let's delve into how you can benefit from our insights.


Understanding the Pain Points of Crew Travel


Crew travel is seeing the most pain in regards to securing the best airfares due to the long-haul nature of the journey. Long-haul flights, typically those that span continents and last over six hours, often come with a higher price tag due to the extended distances, fuel costs, and amenities provided onboard.


Regardless of the journey length, it's essential to compare multiple carriers, stay updated on airline promotions, and consider flexibility in travel dates to secure the most cost-effective fares.


The Challenge of Last-Minute Longhaul Journeys


Crew travel, especially for marine sectors, often involves last-minute long-haul bookings. These bookings can be expensive, given the immediacy and the distance involved. But with the right strategies and understanding, you can mitigate these costs.


Expanding Your Travel Policy


It's also essential not just to rely on marine fares. Consider integrating changeable published fares and even web-based carriers into your travel policy. This flexibility can offer more options and potentially better rates, especially when dealing with unforeseen changes or last-minute bookings.


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Why Clyde Stands Out for Airfare Savings


In the competitive landscape of business travel management, we have carved a niche for ourselves, setting new standards of excellence and reliability.


At Clyde, we're passionate about guiding every journey. Our dedicated team of travel specialists work hard on your behalf to deal with every requirement. Our commitment to direct oversight, data security, and global connectivity distinguishes us from the rest.


Direct Control Over Reservations


Unlike many in the industry, Clyde doesn't rely on travel partners. We believe in retaining direct control over your reservations. This approach ensures that there are no middlemen, reducing potential errors and ensuring quicker response times.


GDPR Compliance and Data Security


In today's digital age, data security is paramount. By not outsourcing to travel partners, Clyde ensures GDPR compliance, safeguarding your personal and corporate data with the utmost integrity.


International IATA Licenses and Direct API Connect


Our international IATA licenses and direct API connections with selected carriers, via NDC, ensure that we have a broad reach and can offer the best available fares directly.


Tips for Achieving the Best Value Airfares


Achieving the best value in airfare pricing demands a meticulous strategy. Explore our expert tips for optimising your travel budget with every booking.


Understand the Market


Being aware of peak travel times, seasonal variations, and industry-specific events can help in booking flights at optimal times, ensuring significant savings.


Knowledge is power when it comes to securing the best airfares.


By staying attuned to peak travel times, you can avoid the price hikes that come with high demand. Seasonal variations, such as school holidays or festive seasons, can also influence flight prices.


Additionally, being mindful of industry-specific events, conferences, or trade shows can help you anticipate periods of increased demand. By booking flights outside of these peak times, you can capitalise on lower fares and ensure significant savings.


Leverage Technology


Using advanced booking systems and analytics can provide insights into travel patterns, helping in making informed decisions and optimising travel spend.


By harnessing analytics, companies can gain insights into frequently traveled routes, preferred travel times, and even traveler preferences. This information is invaluable in making informed decisions, allowing businesses to negotiate better deals with airlines, optimise travel spend, and even predict future travel trends.


At Clyde, technology is part of our process, although it's not at the forefront.


While we utilise advanced booking technology to find the best airfare for your business trip, the true value of our services comes from having a personalised service. Our people offer the personal touch, complimented by smart software to simplify the travel buying process.


Regularly Review Your Travel Policy


A static travel policy can quickly become outdated, leading to inefficiencies and missed savings opportunities. It's essential to treat your travel policy as a living document, one that evolves in response to market trends, the specific needs of your company, and the rapid advancements in travel technology.


Regular reviews and updates ensure that the policy remains relevant, catering to both the company's financial objectives and the comfort of its business travellers.


Trust Clyde to Achieve the Best Airfares for Corporate Travel


Navigating the complexities of business travel, especially for crew members, requires expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of the industry. With Clyde Travel Management, you're not just getting a service provider; you're partnering with a global expert dedicated to optimising your travel spend and ensuring a seamless experience.


Ready to enhance your business travel and increase your travel options? Contact Clyde today to learn more or request a custom quote. Your journey to personalised corporate travel begins with us.


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