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Managing travel for your most valuable assets, your people requires multiple layers of support from your travel management company. We provide our customers with help on policy, procedure, approval, control, content, duty of care and data insights. From our travel consultants to our customer relations managers, everyone at Clyde places the traveller at the heart of what we do, so that your stakeholders can meet their business objectives, safe in the knowledge that we have travel covered 24/7/365 days a year.

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Corporate Travel FAQs

Ensuring you have a safe, sustainable and cost effective travel programme can be challenging, which is where the value of a travel management company really comes to the fore. Check out our frequently asked questions below or fill out the contact form to get in touch.

Can you tell me more about a Travel Policy?

What is a travel policy?

A travel policy in normally incorporated in the expense policy and provide guidance to travellers on how they are permitted to travel, aligned to the business goals and objectives of the company. They may include value for money, wellbeing of travellers and sustainability, as well as preferred suppliers and rules on class of travel, hotel rate caps and trip duration.

How will my company benefit from a travel policy?

Travel policies guide the traveller to do the right thing within the company guidelines. Supported by a TMC this can lead to better procurement choices through insights on spend, cost control managed by approvals and a more sustainable approach to travel.

How do I write a travel policy?

It’s more important than ever to engage a wide range of stakeholders from your business to understand what the objective of the policy are. We recommend including, HR, Travellers, Bookers and Finance in the consultation. Clyde can help facilitate this discussion and help you to write the right policy for your people and you business.

What guidance do you provide around COVID travel restrictions?

Clyde provide information on restrictions, PCR testing and quarantine with every quote and confirmation.

All bookings are checked for validity 24 hours prior to departure to ensure that the information is still valid. If restrictions have changed from the time of booking the customer is contacted and given alternative options where available.

Can I have a dedicated contact?

Clyde operate small teams or pods of 3 travel consultants and a lead customer experience supervisor. These teams manage a small group of customers so that they can truly understand the travel DNA of their customers and the corporate travel policy.

Having a small team ensures there is a consistent level of service and there is cover for sickness or holidays.

For some customers we do provide a dedicated team where they have sufficient volume and enhanced commercials.

What payment methods do you accept?

Clyde accept all major credit and lodge cards. On application, Clyde will consider customers for a credit account with us for Limited companies only. We perform financial KYC checks including credit checks, identity verification and incorporatation certification. 

Do you have online booking tools?

Clyde work with all major booking tools like Concur and Cytric. Our preferred platform is Atriis for corporate travel. Atriis is a state of the art intuitive corporate booking tool with rich content at your finger tips. For more complex itineraries your still have the benefit of our experienced travel consultants on hand to help.

Do you have a hotel programme?

Yes, Clyde has a comprehensive Global Hotel Program which offers over 37,000 hotels, located in 160 countries, through our membership of the Radius network and WIN Global Network.

The program provides a wide range of choices in accommodations ranging from budget properties to deluxe hotels, including names such as Hilton, Hyatt, Millennium, Marriott, Accor, Design Hotels, all at significant savings, with an average discount of 12-15 percent off the rack rate.

Can you assist me in VAT reclaim?

Clyde provide all back up for billed back items. We have robust financial systems that ensure your invoices have the correct VAT treatment applied for the currency you are billed in.

How do I know I am getting the best value from your services?

Clyde employ a culture of ethical selling. Our travel consultants are not rewarded on Clyde supplier incentives, but customer satisfaction. This means that our culture is to do the right thing by our customers and present them with the products they want rather than those that are most lucrative to our business.

We also have an automatic system called Fare Watch. This system checks all the bookings we hold for lower fares up until 24 hours before departure. So if a lower fare on the same flight becomes available, we rebook it cancel the original ticket and hand back the savings to our customers.

We provide our customers with savings reports monthly.

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