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20 Dec 2022
Corporate Travel


Over the last 30 years we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what success looks like when travelling for business.


We understand what our clients need when it comes to business travel and our expert team have the experience, skill, contacts and technology to provide you with everything to make your business trip a seamless, safe and enjoyable experience.


Our high quality service leaves you to concentrate on the main reasons for your trip without having to worry about hotel reservations, flight schedules, local facilities or room bookings.


In short, you can trust us to provide all you need to know when you’re travelling for business. 


What is business travel?


Business travel is an essential element of world trade for companies at home or abroad, the fuel which drives the commercial world.


To put that in context, according to Statista, it was estimated that global business travel spending at the end of 2022 would amount to over 930 billion US dollars. By 2026, that figure is projected to reach around 1.47 trillion dollars.


So what do we mean by business travel? In simple terms, a business trip is one we undertake for work which doesn’t involve a daily commute, a holiday or travelling for leisure purposes.


But as with any trip, there are certain things our clients and their employees are looking for – speed, safety, efficiency, value for money and a hassle-free journey from A to B. So, it's hugely important to understand all aspects of travel when travelling for work purposes.





Why do people travel for business?


There are a host of reasons why people travel for business. But, in almost all cases, the motivation for a business trip is communication.


Whether it's a business meeting with potential customers or new employees, exploring new markets, catching up with colleagues, networking at an industry conference, carrying out a site visit or negotiating with suppliers, the main purpose of travelling for business is to communicate with the people who matter most to your business or organisation.


‘Meeting’ digitally on Zoom, Teams and other online platforms has an increasingly important role to play in the modern workplace – and that’s been particularly true in the last couple of years - but, as most of our customers would confirm, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with employees, suppliers, customers and partners.


For most of our customers and their companies or organisations, business trips and work travel are an essential part of their strategy for growth.


And that’s where we come in. When travelling for business is a priority for you, we understand the importance of ensuring that nothing is left to chance and that, wherever possible, any barriers to the success of your business trip are overcome.


And in challenging times for all businesses, we also recognise that keeping a close watch on your budget is a top priority, particularly when it comes to corporate travel at the company’s expense.


Our 30 years of experience in travel management means we are ideally placed to deliver the ideal solution for your company and its business travel needs.




What are the challenges people face when travelling for business?


Like every other industry sector, business travel was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on travel which had to be imposed across the globe had consequences for our ability to travel at home and abroad.


With the worst of the crisis having eased and the process of recovery continuing, corporate travel is returning to normality.


But no matter how experienced a traveller might be, issues can arise which might affect the smooth running of your business travel plans, particularly on international trips.


These could involve anything from cancellations/delays, changes to airlines' flight schedules and train timetables or visa requirements to language problems, unsuitable hotel accommodation or simple differences in local culture.


That’s why business travelers rely on the expert team at Clyde Travel Management.



What should your business do when arranging business trips?


Clyde’s corporate travel management expertise means we understand the challenges of business travel and, thanks to our worldwide connections, we can offer you the solutions which lay the groundwork for successful business trips.


Our commitment to continually developing our services ensures that we deliver safe and sustainable business travel in every programme we manage.


Hire a Travel Management Company (TMC)


Travelling for business can be complicated – and it can distract you from the main reason for your business trip. Putting your trust in a travel management company is the ideal way to ensure your time and energy is focused on the business purposes behind your trip.


- 24/7 Support


Travelling for business isn’t about the 9-5 office environment. You might need access to support outside business hours. Working with Clyde Travel gives you reassurance that, no matter where you are in the world or what time it is, one of our team will be on hand 24/7 to resolve any issues or make any changes to your travel plans.


- Access to broad Base of content


Our connections with trusted partners across the travel sector mean we can identify the most favourable hotel rates from a range of sources like specially negotiated corporate rates, global network rates to household names like Our airfares ensure that you always get the best value on your business trips – and that’s especially important if you or your employees are travelling on a regular basis.


- Assistance with Travel Policies


The safety of you and your employees when travelling is paramount. That’s why it makes sense to have a robust travel policy in place which outlines what is expected in all the key areas affecting your business trips, covering everything from expenses to acceptable behaviour.


Our lengthy track record means we’re ideally placed to assist in creating a travel policy that works for you and your team, keeping everyone safe and on budget.


- Advanced Travel Technology


One of the keys to a seamless business trip is the use of the very best technology to make your travel planning speedy, efficient and stress-free. As a travel management company at the cutting edge, Clyde gives you on-the-move access to advanced travel tech which delivers the high quality service you need.



Lean on invaluable travel expertise and advice


When it comes to travelling for business, it’s hard to beat a recommendation from someone with experience and insight. At Clyde, we’ve supported businesses across all sectors and services so we understand what will work for your organisation.


And our knowledge of the best routes and schedules, convenient hotels and local knowledge means we can offer the insight you need for a successful trip.


If your business needs assistance with employee travel, contact our team today a find out how we can make the process a lot easier and smoother.



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