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Checking multiple websites to find the best route, time and fare can eat into your time. You then have the headache of keeping track of where your travellers are in case anything goes wrong. And then there is the expense and claim strain created for your finance team.

Sound familiar? Well it was for one Clyde customer, until we introduced them to Atriis.


Atriis brought all the content into one place for our customer to book, removing the need for multiple apps on their phone or endless hours searching multiple sites.

Now all bookings are tracked by Clyde, so our customer has peace of mind that we know where their people are, even though they made the booking themselves.

They no longer have the headache of checking credit card limits and reconciling invoices. All the invoices come from Clyde at a frequency to suit them, with the benefit of a credit account. Creating efficiencies for their finance team through uniformed back up for ease of VAT reclaim and controlled data capture such as PO, department etc.

They now have full visibility of the cost of travel and insight into better booking behaviour and supplier choices.


The gift of time, by bringing all the fares including low cost airlines into one place instead of multiple websites or apps.

Peace of mind, knowing that all travellers are being tracked by Clyde, keeping them safe on their journey.

After sales care. If a flight is cancelled, we process the refund and issue the credit note on the next invoice run, saving our customer time and money trying to contact airlines direct.

Workflow efficiency. Simple self booking that is mobile enabled giving customers the ability to book anytime of day whilst on the move. Everything in one place as well as a single source of invoice, making reconciliation and VAT reclaim easier.

Don't take our word for it

Here’s what their Fleet Personnel officer had to say…

‘I have always worked across numerous websites to search for the best routes/fares available for our crew members, now to have all the fares in one place makes it easier to book and also saves me a huge amount of time. The system was easy to implement, I started using it immediately after only a short training session and I am very pleased with the outcome. By proposing this system, the team at Clyde have saved our organisation time and money. As always, the aftercare provided is excellent”

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