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Planning a trip abroad is complex and knowing which travel documents are required for international travel can be time consuming.  Whether it is checking visa requirements, the length of validity of your current passport or any remaining COVID regulations, it is important to fully understand any pre-departure requirements early in the trip planning stage.

One of the services we have enhanced and digitalised recently is the management of travel documents. At Clyde we believe that travel agencies should never sell you a ticket you cannot travel on, so each itinerary includes a link to Clyde's travel document management tool, Traveldoc. Based on your nationality and destination, Traveldoc details all the visa and entry requirements, testing and quarantine (where applicable) as well as exemptions for key workers.

A Travel Management System that Assesses & Manages Your Travel Documents

Business travel has become a complex activity to undertake, particularly for essential workers required to join vessels to relieve colleagues. Knowing which travel documents you need to travel can be challenging to understand, especially when changes to rules are applied in the time between booking a trip and travelling for business.

Here are just a few additional ways that Traveldoc can help identify what you need for your upcoming trip and mitigate any changes:

  • Instantly advises if a traveler is clear to board updating changes as they come into effect

  • Checks passport validity for the destination you are travelling to based on travelers nationality

  • Details any additional requirements like testing and quarantine

  • Provides health advice on necessary vaccinations

  • Details medications recommended and prohibited

  • Customs import and export regulations

  • Advises all documents required for border control

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Why Choose Traveldoc with Clyde?

Like Clyde some of the world's leading global airlines use Traveldoc at their airports to determine whether passengers are cleared to board the aircraft. By partnering with Traveldoc Clyde minimise avoidable disruption to travel plans and provide a reliable source of information with every itinerary. We will never sell your travelers a ticket they cannot fly on as a result.

During the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic Clyde customers survey revealed that over 50% of customers said that our advice on restrictions and visas was a key contributor to value they placed on our travel management services and it was ranked in the top 3 solutions that made them choose Clyde.

Visa Requirements

Simply enter your travel dates and route and all Visa requirements are detailed along with passport validity.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements – Vaccination status, testing requirements and quarantine rules relating to COVID country restrictions and nationality of passenger presented in a comprehensive and complete summary


Ability to add a Seamans book to access exemption rules to COVID country restrictions for key workers

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