The Online Booking Tool for Corporate Travel

Atriis is a leading online booking tool that can transform your business travel management, stop leakage in your travel program and reduce your travel budget. This simple platform reduces complexities and creates greater savings for corporate travel, with expert support from Clyde's Travel Technology Team.

Business travel bookings can be made by a travel arranger or the traveler themselves, the system is mobile enabled and has an app for latest updates to your travel itinerary. One of the leading booking tools for business travel, Atriis is the go to online booking tool for travel management companies and travel managers alike.

How can our Online Booking Tool Improve Your Business Travel Experience?

Atriis differentiates from other online booking tools with many key features ordinarily unavailable on traditional corporate online bookings tools, like the ability to update your own profile, consume multiple API's from suppliers, offering better choice and enabling quote sharing at the click of a button.

Atriis is a flexible online booking tool travel bookings can be made on the go from any device, as the site is mobile enabled. Online booking tools can often have limitations but Atriis offers the opportunity to build policy to your specifications, everything from which suppliers are displayed to approvals and authorisations.


Atriis incorporates your corporate travel policy, preferred suppliers and a robust approval process, which all lead to improved policy compliance, whilst enhancing the booking process for business travelers. The corporate travel booking tool is mobile enabled, empowering the corporate traveller to make bookings on the go that comply with the company's travel policy. View existing trips or book a new air, hotel or car hire with Atriis.

Approval can be customised to mirror an organisations travel policy and preferred options appear first and are highlighted to the booker. Out of policy options can be masked or highlighted at the point of booking, steering your programme to improved purchasing.


In some cases, corporate travel programs have become fragmented, which can lead to leakage in a travel program. Atriis travel management software allows travel managers to choose the booking options they want their organisation to see. Atriis has the ability to consume API's from a range of key suppliers offering the corporate traveler choice via the online booking tool. Clyde corporate travel management is driven by travel data that assists a travel manager in steering business travel in the right direction, aligned to the business's strategic objectives.

Profile Management

Within Atriis you do not have to wait for the travel management company to update your approvers, add joiners, delete leavers or update your passport details. If you have admin rights you can do this all yourself via the online booking tool. Making it easy for anyone in your organisation to complete an online booking for business travel. Don't have a profile or booking for guest is easy, you can either create a profile or book for a guest at the click of a button.

What do you get with Atriis?

System Deployment

Implementation & Training

The Clyde Travel Tech Team build the site to your policy specifications and support throughout the implementation, offering training on site and virtually, before the system is deployed to users. Once live, they are on hand to offer 1st line support to users and administrators and work continuously to optimise adoption and improve the user experience. User guides are available to assist with adoption.

Gain Travel Insights


Clyde provide customers with data on adoption rates identifying areas of improvement and transactions that could be completed on line. On average our customers achieve 85% + online adoption within the first 6 months of implementation.

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