Crew Travel Technology

Crew Travel Management Tool for the Offshore & Marine Sectors

The maritime and offshore industry has a critical need to ensure crew deployment is efficient and cost effective. Clyde's new crew management software assists shipping companies with crew planning, so that crew members, crew managers and the crewing agencies have full visibility of the status of each crew rotation through to completion.

Clyde’s proprietary crew management software places logistics officers, crewing managers and even crew in the same environment as your travel consultant, ensuring that complex crew mobilisations can be organised, confirmed, changed or cancelled via one system.

A Single Source of Truth

Consort ™ is a crew management software that speeds up the process of making a travel booking whilst giving everyone involved in the crew deployment full visibility of live and historical crew data.

Our technology offers everyone involved in crew mobilisations a ‘single source of truth’ via one system. It is a system that enables crew planning so that crew members arrive in the right place at the right time, with support of our expert travel consultant delivering options.

Consort™ has many benefits to all crewing companies, from providing insight into the complexities of crew management right through to ensuring all crew arrive in the right place at the right time. Here are just a few examples of how Clyde's new crew management software can help your crew travel more efficiently from job to job.

Efficient Crew Management with Consort™

Crew profiles are easily stored and include seaman book details, which automatically populate for each crew member. A shipping company can have customised data capture and approvals according to the company requirements, helping to control costs and effectively manage the fleet. Consort™ is integrated with leading providers of all existing crew management software, providing an end to end solution for the crew manager or fleet director.

Full travel itineraries can be sent by email as a PDF per the customer requirements, however they can also be accessed within the platform at any time. In addition, itineraries past and present can be viewed at any time and quotes can be shared in text format via e-mail to ensure they can be received aboard vessels.

Bespoke Dashboard for Crew Planning

Each crew mobilisation is managed as an event, making it easy to group passengers onto routes and associate them to the same mobilisation. Quotes are clearly displayed and easily selected by the booker, master or crew. No more cluttered email inboxes, broken or missed communications, just all your information in one place to manage fleet planning effectively and efficiently.

Our user friendly and intuitive interface allows greater visibility for bookers, crew and Clyde consultants via a single dashboard.

Within the dashboard you can quickly access all active crew travel bookings, view and expand quotes – with the option to request new quotes, share or change – as well as historical completed and cancelled travel bookings.

Profile Management

All employee and contractor profiles are held in the same place and pre-populated for ease. The ability to self-administer changes to profiles and update information, means that you have control over your people’s personal data and our consultants have access to the latest information.

Each user profile is set to an agreed level - Admin, Booker, Traveller and Approver – allowing control overall the relevant aspects of booking.

Nominated bookers within an organisation can also see each other’s requests and bookings.  This allows a seamless approach whenever a booker is on leave or for out of office hours cover to 24/7, 365 days a year. 


Alerts are created when quotes are ready and can be approved within the system, speeding up the booking process, with the ability to monitor the status of a request.

Bookings can be made for contractors and guests in the same system, creating further workflow efficiencies.

Changes and Cancellations

Our experience in the marine and offshore sector, means we know that Crew changes are often subject to multiple changes or even cancellation.

Consort ™  makes it easy to request the necessary assistance to make those changes or cancel and refund flights, giving crewing managers and logistics officers time to make alternative plans, all whilst providing visibility and reassurance to all concerned.

Human Interaction

CONSORT ™ is proprietary booking technology build in collaboration with Clyde customers to provide workflow efficiencies with the comfort of our expert consultants delivering mobilisations 24/7, 365 days a year.

The chat function enables easy communication  with an assigned consultant.

The messaging centre provides customers with the latest information on Travel Alerts, Restrictions and other information affecting travel, all in one place

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