The comfort of a hybrid solution

Leading technology and the comfort of expert consultants on hand to help gives you the ability to book anytime, from anywhere, on any device.



You are a traditional firm with a long standing relationship with your travel management company and have been booking all travel over the telephone or via e-mail for years. 

But now you need to address the issue of non-compliant travellers and a generation of new talent who are keen to book on line. How do you please everyone and keep your most valuable assets, your people, safe?



We advised our customer that you can keep everyone happy and safe by employing a hybrid travel solution. We created a travel forum to educate travellers on the benefits of working with Clyde from a company perspective.

Duty of care and traveller tracking were top priorities and by offering our self-booking tool, Atriis travellers who wanted to could access a broad range of content, without wasting time searching multiple sites and safe in the knowledge that the organisation could reach them in case of an emergency and Clyde were on hand to assist if anything went wrong.

Those that still wanted to talk to a consultant could still use the dedicated team and everyone had the comfort of 24/7/365 assistance.


Happy Travellers. Providing a hybrid solution means that travellers have choice in the way they book travel and can use our expert consultants for more complicated itineraries or book rail and hotels themselves all in one place, safe in the knowledge they are not compromising their safety and are compliant with policy.

Control. The Company have visibility of all spend on travel, reduce pay, and claim expenses and reconciliation and all bookings are compliant with policy, whichever method is used.

Duty of Care. All bookings, however, they are made are tracked and travellers have the comfort of assistance if things change whatever the time of day or night.

Don't take our word for it

Here is what their General Manager had to say…

‘We like to empower our employees to make the right choices for the business, but equally comply with guidelines. Some travel was being booked outside of the guidelines as it was perceived easier to ‘do it yourself’. By collaborating with Clyde to educate our travellers, adopting their technology and giving our travellers choice, we have managed to achieve our goals of controlling spend, improving efficiency, whilst keeping our people safe when travelling on business’.

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