Travel Risk Management

Duty of Care

At Clyde, the safety and security of your people is our top priority, and we help our customers mitigate risks for their employees whilst they travel for work. Our technology, procedures and risk measures ensure compliance to business travel policy, enabling travel managers to fulfil their care obligations to travelling employees.

All travellers are tracked through our systems, so we know where they are when we need to contact them. We can also provide trip data on individuals, so organisations can keep track of their employees' wellbeing.

Maximise the Safety of Your People or Crew

To fulfil duty of care on a business trip, travel risk solutions need to identify potential risks in any given country, which Clyde provide through our business travel risk management alerts. These identify world events that could affect the security and health safety of employees around the world.

To ensure maximum security our services track employees through our systems for the duration of their trip. We also provide country specific advice on visa and entry requirements including exemptions for seafarers, to aid travel managers to conduct a thorough travel risk assessment.

Traveller Safety

Duty of care for business travel must include travel risk management and that's why Clyde's services include advice on travel policy, guidance on conduct in county, traveller tracking, travel alerts when there is a travel risk, instability or disruption, as well as advice on visa and entry requirements including exemptions with every itinerary and confirmation. We empower our customers through our complete suite of services to make informed risk assessments and improve their business travel risk management.

Risk Assessment

The complexity of business travel safety has increased significantly in recent years and your corporate travel programme should reflect the changes. Country risk assessments should be conducted and include health, safety, social and economical security as part of the travel risk assessment. The Clyde team are able to provide advice on best practice for your business sector.

Managing Risk

Business travel risk management is increasing in it's importance when considering how to manage duty of care. We recommend a thorough assessment of your company procedures in collaboration with your travel management company, to improve risk management.

Your company should be clear on what level of risk it is comfortable with as a business, who is responsible for the risk assessment, what the company will do to mitigate risk and which travel management company can give them the level of comfort they require. At Clyde we provide a complete suite of services to manage risk at a company and employee level, so that your business can be safe in knowledge that we are by your side every step of the way.

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