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Clyde Travel Management provides end to end travel management solutions for clients in the Energy, Marine & Corporate sectors.


We pride ourselves on being more than just a travel agency; we are a partner in your business's success. Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide support, advice, and tailored solutions that meet your unique travel needs. Whether it’s a last-minute change in plans or a complex, multi-destination itinerary, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all, ensuring that your travel arrangements are as stress-free as possible.


Over our 35 year history, our core objective has consistently remained the same...


To move your people or crew from A to B in a simple & cost-effective manner.

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At Clyde, we care about every traveller, every business trip and every stakeholder involved in your organisation. 


From booking and reporting, to managing policies and expenses, our friendly team work hard on your behalf to make travel buying simpler.


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The Clyde Travel Difference

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24/7 Support. 365 Days a Year.
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Don't Take Our Word for it...


"We like to empower our employees to make the right choices for the business, but equally comply with guidelines. Some travel was being booked outside of the guidelines as it was perceived easier to ‘do it yourself’. 


By collaborating with Clyde to educate our travellers, adopting their technology and giving our travellers choice, we have managed to achieve our goals of controlling spend, improving efficiency, whilst keeping our people safe when travelling on business"


A Professional Services customer

We Deliver Bespoke Travel Management Services


At Clyde, we prioritise understanding your travel requirements before coming to you with solutions. We listen to your requirements and respond with customer orientated solutions that will enhance your travel experiences.


We do not have one off-the-shelf solution.


Our commitment to providing personalised travel solutions means that we continually adapt and evolve our services to cater to the changing demands of the marine travel industry and our clients. 


By providing round-the-clock support, complimented by smart travel software, we ensure that every aspect of your travel experience is enhanced, streamlined, and stress-free.


We Listen to Your Travel Needs

And Respond with Solutions

Driven by Customer Experience


We're passionate about guiding every journey.


As our client, you get a dedicated team of travel specialists to deal with your every requirement. 


  • 24/7 support from our travel managers
  • Advice on corporate travel policies
  • Expert advice supported by smart travel software
  • Exclusive corporate, marine & energy travel fares


Although we specialise in Marine, Offshore & Corporate travel, we do not have one off-the-shelf solution. Having the confidence that your travel management company can adapt their solutions to meet your needs is key.


That is exactly what you get by using Clyde as your TMC.


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Our Travel Services

Marine Travel Services


We are specialists in crew change logistics, making sure your crew get from port to deck on time.

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Corporate Travel Solutions


We manage every aspect of corporate travel. From booking through to data analysis and insights.

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Offshore Travel Solutions

Our energy consultants understand the travel complexities and needs of this diverse sector.

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Our Personalised Service & Smart Technology Make Travel Buying Simpler


Handled by experts in business travel management for corporate companies and crew mobilisations for the marine, offshore and renewable sectors, we're more than just booking a flight ticket. We're all about the human touch.


It can be a challenge to identify savings, best service and value in a new or even well-established travel programme. 


Our people offer the personal touch, which is complimented by smart software to simplify the travel buying process.


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