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Make Your Travel Reservations with Clyde

Just like most of our customers our reservations team operate 24/7/365 days a year, offering door to door travel management services.

Our teams are rewarded for customer service excellence, not commercial incentives, which means they do the right thing by your business and travellers at all times. Our options are clearly displayed with all the details and advice you need to make the right choice, within policy.

We work in small teams, so our travel management experts know your business and travel policy, giving travel managers comfort that travelers are in safe hands and can book travel with confidence.

The Business Travel Management Booking Process

There is no one size fits all for corporate travel programs and at Clyde we have multiple booking options. We spend time with your travel manager to understand your travel policy, travel program, travellers and travel spending as well as your business objectives for cost savings and time efficiencies.

For efficiency, our proprietary booking tool CONSORT speeds up the process of booking and helps customers manage spending. It is unique in the travel industry as it places your bookers, travellers and our travel experts in the same environment to manage travel requests and monitor the progress of a booking through to completion.

If your business is seeking to empower their travellers with a self booking tool Clyde support a number of online booking tools, including Atriis, Concur and Cytric. These booking tools aid corporate travellers to book their business trips on line, accessing all of Clyde's content via their company's chosen booking tool.

Global Travel Fares

To support a global business travel program, Clyde have access to over 100 global airline contracts and 45,000 international hotel rates helping to boost your travel program and make the most of your travel budget.

Travelers are able to access our rates when making a travel booking, either through our online booking tools or using the services of our consultants. When using Clyde, travelers and travel managers have a choice of services available to suit your organisation, business objectives and the type of booking.

Managing Travel Expenses

As part of our comprehensive travel management services, Clyde provide multiple billing currencies and invoicing options, including PDF, XML and consolidated invoicing, reducing FX costs and making reconciliation for travel invoices easier to manage.

An online booking tool can provide integrated expense management for all travel bookings, not just an online booking.

Reduced Travel Costs

Global business travel is essential to grow your business and Clyde Travel Management have multiple ways to create value for money and reduce costs.

Using an online booking tool attracts a lower service fee and empowers employees to book corporate travel on the go. We build your online booking tool to reflect your travel policy and manage costs through the system.

Clyde have access to global airline contracts, hotel rates and car hire as well as ground transportation. Our expert consultants are on hand to provide the best solutions for your corporate travel booking.

Through our robust travel management, our teams ensure that you maximise your corporate travel budget, in line with your business objectives. Clyde ensure that unused tickets are refunded to your corporate travel account and our technology searches for lower fares up until the time of departure, even after ticketing. When we find a lower fare, we refund your business travel booking and issue the new ticket at a lower fare.

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