Sustainable Travel Solutions

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

At Clyde we recognise that most of our customers have to travel to keep the world’s supply chains moving. We are committed to enabling essential travel in the most sustainable and responsible way for our customers. Our teams assist our customers in developing a sustainable travel programme that promotes on going sustainable development. Whether your goal is to be carbon neutral, net zero or partially offset, Clyde drive sustainable travel through data insights and in collaboration with our customers.

Sustainable Business Travel Programme

Developing a sustainable business travel programme starts with your policy and realistic objectives, that are continuously reviewed. Clyde seek to understand each company's sustainability goals, whether that's evaluating your business travel's environmental impact, advising on sustainable practices, calculating carbon emissions or recommending carbon offsetting projects. We provide customers with data on carbon emissions to assist in understanding your carbon footprint and advise on travel policy and supplier choices that help our customers to travel sustainably.

We work with you to create a sustainable travel programme and focus on our guiding principles to help customers achieve the sustainable travel goals. The following three areas further outline Clyde’s sustainable travel guiding principles:



As a responsible enabler of sustainable travel solutions, we aim to empower our customers with knowledge, direction and clear data to make informed, more environmentally friendly choices for business travel and wider sustainability.

A ‘Green List’ of travel providers deemed most environmentally conscious and responsible for their actions has been produced and is regularly reviewed, allowing our customers to evaluate their usage of more sustainable travel solutions in collaboration with their customer relations manager and increase support of those suppliers, reduce their carbon footprint and drive their travel policy and sustainability.

By the end of 2022, customers will also be able to access their ‘carbon impact data’ through all our online platforms.



As a multi-national “people business” we aim to foster closer working partnerships among our employees, suppliers and customers and look at how we can aid humanitarian causes affecting the communities in which we operate.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Team) identify projects for investment in our key locations; specifically seeking projects that will enhance the opportunities and quality of life of those in our local communities.

And through Customer Engagement Evenings in key locations, we look to bring together Suppliers, Customers, Consultants and hear keynote messages on our chosen CSR projects.



As an ISO accredited and quality controlled business, we aim to promote a culture of fairness within our customer commercials, leadership opportunities and development of future talent.

A Leadership Programme and Training module has been developed to allow interested employees the opportunity to tailor their personal development training with a view to retaining our business travel experts and giving them the opportunity to obtain more senior, leadership roles and to make succession planning part of everyday life in Clyde.

The Clyde Apprentice Programme continues to develop our own talent, and acts as a vehicle to diversify the demographics within the business even further. It also ensure we have sustainable travel expertise for the future ensuring the long term sustainability of our services and expertise to our customers.

Unused ticket refunds continue to be returned to customers as has been historic practise, with an emphasis on fairness and openness in our marketing and sales proposals. All of these activities ensure our integrity and the sustainability of Clyde as a travel partner now and in the future to our customers.

Manage Your Business' Carbon Footprint When Booking with Clyde

Every customer has individual business objectives when it comes to sustainability and the effective management of business travel can be a good starting point. Our customer relations managers help our customers using data to quantify their carbon footprint and make informed sustainable buying choices, using our 'green list' of suppliers.

Our matrix ranks top suppliers according to measurable commitments made by our airline, hotel, car park and airport suppliers. Similar reports are available at a cost but Clyde make this information available for our customers as part of our commitment to be a responsible enabler of travel. Based on the data analysis Clyde can recommend improvements including offsetting that requires no cash investment.

We have helped customers participate in sustainable aviation fuel non-cash investments and recommended bio fares where available. Our 'green health check' is designed to educate and gain commitment to more sustainable travel products whilst minimising the additional investment required and it is all part of our consultancy led account management.

Using data is key to quantifying your business travel carbon emissions and helps to determine the level of investment, policy and behaviourial changes required. CO2 reporting is part of our standard suite of management information supplied to customers. Analysis of products and suppliers is conducted during the 'green health check' and recommendations made by our team based on the desire for a sustainable travel programme within the business we work with.

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